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Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker
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The AeroPress is a new type of coffee making system that looks like a jumbo medical syringe...but without the needle attachment. This is a brewer that makes a coffee concentrate that is espresso-like in character that you can sip to enjoy, or add hot water to make the best Americano coffee you have tasted.

To use, secure a micro filter at the bottom of the cylinder (supplied), add fresh ground coffee, add hot water, stir the mixture ten seconds, insert the plunger and then press the coffee slurry downward through the filter into your waiting coffee mug. Presto...You're done! It makes a very clean, sediment-free, coffee concentrate, in a short period of time, which is the making of a great cup of joe.

It uses a total immersion method of extraction, so the resultant cup, doesn't have time to get bitter. You just need ground coffee, hot water, and a mug to go with this system.

Brewing with the AeroPress gives good control over the variables - you can easily adjust the water temperature, or water to coffee ratio to change the results. The key to this system is simple experimentation, and in no time you will have it down pat.

You can vary the amount of concentrate made in each pressing to make from 1 to 4 servings of coffee depending on how strong you like your coffee. The AeroPress is a high quality American made product.

The AeroPress is very easy to clean...just 10 seconds for the plunger under running water. It will also travel well since it's so small and compact and portable. It is so much easier to pack than your coffee or espresso maker. Next camping trip, vacation, or business trip, bring it along, or use it at your office. It is the perfect system.

Some of the other uses for the AeroPress are: making iced coffee; coffee for cooking recipes; and storing a cold concentrate for later use.

The Mug in photos is not included. Aerobie Presses are now made of brownish plastic, they do not have the blueish or clear tint to them anymore. (The stock photos, with the unincluded mug, is from a few years back.) The brownish plastic versions are now the only ones new (that are real Aerobie's) to be found anywhere.

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