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Cappojim Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele Foge

Cappojim Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele Foge
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Cappojim Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele Foge

Cappojim Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele Foge - The coffee is pulled from several villages in Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe, and mixed together by both coffee growing region, and date of delivery. Kedir Hassan is the older sibling to Esmael Hassan, who you may remember as the producer of another Guji coffee we had last year, Kayon Mountain. This lot from Sibu Hambela couldn't be farther from that, and cups with remarkable cleanliness, not just in context of other dry process coffees. Uddo Station sits at just over 1800 meters above sea level, and the growing areas top out at a whopping 2300 meters!

Wow, what a lovely natural process coffee this lot from Dambi farm turned out to be. We trusted that the quality was high when judging the offer samples some months back, but did not anticipate the level of cleanliness and articulate fruit flavors that would come from letting the coffee rest. The fragrance of a light roast are tropical, with mango and banana accents, and with creamy vanilla/caramel sweetness has a smoothie like smell to it. The aroma is much more like dried fruits, papaya and pineapple come to mind, as does a coconut chip scent, and sweet caramelizing sugar smells lace the aromatically potent steam. City and City+ roasts are nothing short of amazing, and remarkably clean considering how this coffee is processed. Berry notes are evident right off the bat, blueberry and red raspberry to note, and a berry-like brightness graces the cup. When the coffee cools off some tropical fruit flavors come up, mango puree, pineapple, orange come to mind, and the flavors are quite juicy and clean. City to Full City, Dambi Uddo is a sweet treat, tasting notes showing layers of unrefined sugar notes, and a vanilla bean accent note in the finish. And I'd be remiss not to mention the floral Jasmine note that crowns this already near-perfect dry process Ethiopian coffee.
Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Dry Processed; Heirloom Varietals; Appearance: 15+ Screen. (15 oz. bag)


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