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Cappojim Kupa Kenee Kenya Othaya Gura C

Cappojim Kupa Kenee Kenya Othaya Gura C
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This coffee is from the Gura Factory, a coffee washing station that gets it's name from the nearby Gura river. Nothing industrious about this "factory", except for the machinery to wash and depulp coffee cherries. Gura is one of 19 washing stations that make up the Othaya Farmer's Cooperative Society, a member-run organization, one of the older ones I might add. Altitude of the washing station is just shy of 1750 meters and the coffee is grown between 1750 to 2000 meters (mostly SL-28, SL-34, with some Ruiru-11). We try our best to return to the societies who regularly produce some of the best Kenya coffees we taste, and each year we come across coffees new to us - like Gura - and this list continues to grow. This coffee was purchased direct, not through the Kenya auction system, so we could avoid the risk of losing it. To do this we pay a price that is higher than what the top auction bid might be, but it means we get the exact lot we want. In Kenya, coffee grades are determined by bean size, which are referred to as "outturns". This is the C grade outturn, a slightly lower grade than AB and AA and therefore less expensive. AA, AB, C and PB are all from the same process batch, just separations based on the screen size and a slightly higher allowance for physical defects for C, most of which don't affect cup flavor. But the flavor can still be right up there with the AA and ABs.

 The cup has sweet citrus and cookie characteristics like lemon bars, and the finish is marked by a wheat beer flavor that adds a Hefeweizen note to the aftertaste and really works with the lemony twist.Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Processing is Wet; Varietal: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Appearance: 14+ screen.


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