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Cappojim's Bali Banjli Manikliyu, Arabica Beans, 15 oz.

Cappojim's Bali Banjli Manikliyu, Arabica Beans, 15 oz.
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This coffee comes from the Bangli region of Kintamani. This fully washed lot proved to contain quite a nice sweetness in our assessment, balanced flavors of honey and nut, and without the signs of "fading" or age that we'd come to expect in the past. Not the case here, and the farmers who contributed to this lot produce some interesting washed coffees with relative cleanliness in flavor profile. Traditional farming methods are used in these regions including organic farming practices (though not certified), and a complex irrigation system based on terraced water management used to grow rice for over 1000 years.This lot from Bali is very straight forward, with honey and nut smells throughout the aroma. The wet grounds give way to a slight cherry impression too, and the break releases wafts of cinnamon-caramel in the steam. The sweetness found in the cup is more than convincing, a flavor of burned sugar sidles up well to a pithy citrus juice aspect. As the cup cools, I sense tart fruit background notes, dried cascara cherry or hibiscus flower come to mind. Roasting closer to and beyond Full City builds raw cacao nib/cocoa roast tones, adding a touch more complexity to the cup.

Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Wet Hulled Processed (Giling Basah); Bourbon, Catuai; Appearance:  16+ Screen. (15 oz. bag)

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