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Cappojim's Guata Lotta, Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Arsenio Castillo, 15 oz.

Cappojim's Guata Lotta, Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Arsenio Castillo, 15 oz.
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Guatemalan - Guatemala Projecto Xinabajul Arsenio Castillo - Flavors of red raisin, dark sugars, Dutch cocoa powder, hazelnut, and fruited acidity giving structure to the cup.

Each year we find new folks in Huehuetenango to buy coffee from, and sometimes we're lucky enough to find a whole family of coffee producers. The Castillos are such a family. These farms are situated right around 1700 meters, and Caturra and Bourbon make up the lion's share of varietals, but some Typica trees are also in the mix at a much lower volume. Processing is handled onsite, the coffee is patio dried, and then trucked down to a dry-mill in Antigua.

The dry fragrance of our City roast has a smell of honeysuckle flower tea, a sort of dried wild flower accented profile, with a graham cracker like sweetness underneath. Our darker roast was somewhere between City+ and Full City) had suggestions of bittersweet cocoa and raisin. Raw sugar sweetness sees a bump in intensity after adding hot water, and the crust of both roasts smell of light brown sugar with a touch of warming spice, subtle dry fruit hints expressed when breaking through the crust. City roast works OK for this coffee, but I think taking a bit beyond is where sugary sweetness is developed to a convincing level, and balances out some of the savory flavor tones found at light levels (roasted barley, and raw almond come to mind). At City+ acidity is quite nice, and on the spectrum of apple to grape juice, providing a pleasant structure to the cup profile. Flavors of red raisin and dark sugar come into focus as the cup cools, fading to a combination of bittersweet Dutch cocoa powder and cocoa butter/hazelnut sweetness. Dried fruit notes seem to get a boost at Full City roast level, as well as roast bittersweetness.

Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Processing: Wet; Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica; Appearance: 16-18 screen. (15 oz. bag)


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