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Cappojim's Kupa Kenee Kenya Nyeri Karindundu Peaberry, 15 oz.

Cappojim's Kupa Kenee Kenya Nyeri Karindundu Peaberry, 15 oz.
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Karindundu factory is situated just outside of Karatina town, in the Nyeri district. Like many other Kenya coffees we carry, it is a "factory" that is part of a much larger cooperative society (including other factories we carry like Gatomboya, and Gaturiri). Several hundred small farmers in the surrounding area are members, delivering coffee cherry to the Karindundu wet mill where their coffee is then processed onsite. So much effort is put into preparation, evidenced in both cup quality and cup uniformity when putting them on the table for cup testing. It also helps that the varietal is the much coveted SL-28 and SL-34 strains, known for producing sweet, complex, and clean cup flavors. 

At City+ roast level, the dry fragrance of Karindundu is marked by red berry and citrus smells, and an underlying raw sugar sweetness that resonates. It's a sweet smelling coffee and spices such as cinnamon and all-spice highlight both dry grounds and wet aroma. Adding hot water lifts a boysenberry smell from the wetted crust, and a mixture of brown sugar and canned pineapple, like pineapple upside down cake. Karindundu has an up front sweetness in flavor, with fruited qualities revealed as you work your way through a cooling cup. At City+, a flavor of red raspberry cooked down with raw brown sugar comes through, a slight tartness reminiscent of the berry, giving way to a high level of sweetness underneath. As the cup temperature cools, fruited top notes come through like dried fruit and even fruit pulp, dried cherry and tamarind, and orange pulp and grape skins are a few flavors in my notes. Black tea and caramel notes mingle in the finish, along with dry spice accents, a long lasting aftertaste that has a tea-tannic sort of mouth tightening effect. Full City roasts boost dark berry flavors, and build underlying chocolate roast tones. Kenyan coffees are some of the more wild espresso options we have, and with a somewhat muted acidity in comparison to many other Kenyas.

 Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Processing is Wet; Varietal: SL-28, SL-34, Appearance: 15-17 peaberry screen. (15 oz. bag)


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