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Coffee Tips

How to get the most out of your (Cappojim) Coffee

  • Use only cold fresh pure water; your coffee is only as good as the water you use.
  • Grind only the amount you are going to use. When ground coffee is left open to air it loses its optimal flavor in about 2 days.
  • To find the perfect brew start at a 1 to 1 ratio; 1 gram of ground coffee to 1 fluid oz. of cold water; adjust for taste. A typical coffee scoop measures anywhere from 5 to 7 grams of coffee and there is approx. 28.5 grams to an ounce.
  • Grind the coffee as fine as possible for maximum flavor. Unfortunately the finer the grind, the more sediment you will find in the bottom of the cup; so adjust for the amount of sediment you can live with. Cappojim suggests never taking that last sip...
  • After grinding what you need, reseal the bag/container on the unused beans and squeeze out as much air as possible. If you're lucky enough to have Cappojim's Coffee with the special one-way valve and re-sealable zipper, this is a cinch.
  • Clean your brewing machine regularly. Oils can build up and will affect the taste. Using a product such as Urnex Cleancaf or Durgol Swiss Expresso (for espresso machine) every few weeks will remove any build up in the system.
  • Do not freeze coffee beans. When frozen, the beans expand and crystallize diminishing the flavor; similar to freezer burn.
  • Store coffee beans in a cool, dry, dark place. The refrigerator is OK. Coffee beans can absorb other odors so make sure the container is sealed air tight.
  • During coffee grinding, heat is an enemy of flavor. Using a burr grinder usually producers a more uniform grind with less heat. It releases the flavor of the coffee bean by crushing the bean rather than slicing.

Some of the finer points about Cappojim's Coffee

  • When you receive Cappojim coffee, it will stay fresh for 3 months. The plastic used in the bag will keep oxygen out for that amount of time; once the seal has been broken it will stay fresh for 3 weeks. This is because Cappojim coffee was packed immediately from the roaster without waiting for hot gases trapped in the bean to dissipate. The one-way valve allows these CO2 gases to escape gradually from the beans which in turn forces out the oxygen from the bag during shipping. Oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee. When you receive Cappojim coffee the gas inside the bag is CO2. Oxygen is only reintroduced during the initial opening of the bag.
  • You might notice some unevenness in the color of Cappojim coffee. There is one of two reasons for this. If it is a blend, it's just each bean in the blend being roasted separately to its optimum color roast of flavor. If it is a straight varietal, Cappojim doesn't hesitate to roast the same bean to different degrees of color roast to bring out a more varied flavor spectrum.