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Who is Cappojim?

Who is this Cappojim Character Anyway?

He is an ordinary guy with a quirky dry sense of humor. Just check out the names he gave his coffees!

Cappojim Holding his famous cappuccinoCappojim is short for Cappuccino Jim.

My family gave me the nickname years ago when I discovered Cappuccino.

Long before there was a Starbucks on every corner we had a small Italian Cafe' where I discovered cappuccino, espresso and gelato. I invested in my first espresso machine and started making my own. I used to buy my whole espresso beans and grind them at home to get the freshest flavor. I was always looking for ways to improve and learn about roasting coffee beans at home. It didn't take long for my wife to toss me out her kitchen though. The odor from roasting coffee beans is nothing like that wonderful aroma we all love. That develops 12-24 hours later.

Eventually I was roasting coffee for family, friends and coworkers. My passion had developed into a small business. eBay was the next logical step to sharing my love for coffee. We built a room for the business and started selling coffee related items to work with my fresh roasted coffee. My wife has since added some other kitchen items and as we grow we will continue to broaden our variety of merchandise, but coffee will always be the star.

Check out my All About Coffee page for more than you will ever need to know information on roasting, grinding and storing coffee beans. The different types of roasts, the nuances of each of my coffees and their countries of origin, how to use a French press, make the perfect cappuccino.