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BeanSafe Polypropylene Storage Container Black w/ Black Lid, 1LB

BeanSafe Polypropylene Storage Container Black w/ Black Lid, 1LB
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Beansafe PP-PP one pound
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The best-tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans.

  • Unique one-way valve that preserves freshness of whole, roasted and ground coffee beans
  • Valve is dishwasher safe and never needs replacement
  • Made from Stainless Steel and Food Grade BPA Free Polypropylene Lid
  • Scoop included
  • Stores up to 16-Ounces of Whole or Ground Coffee

The best-tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans. Once roasted, coffee beans or ground coffee must be stored properly to retain their full flavor and preserve freshness. BeanSafe coffee containers are designed to protect prized coffee beans from air, moisture, heat, light, and carbon dioxide exposure.

Features four locking clasps and a silicone gasket, plus a unique aeration system that employs a patent pending one-way pressure release valve that keeps air and moisture from entering the canister while letting carbon dioxide to escape. This ensures that roasted coffee beans or ground coffee inside the container will remain exceptionally aromatic and perfectly flavorful.

Pressure valve never needs to be replaced and is dishwasher safe. The main moving parts on BeanSafe® are the locking mechanisms which seal the top of the canister. The mechanisms on BeanSafe® have been tested and endured more than 400,000 repetitions of the open/close cycle.

Canisters made of food-grade polypropylene are chemically stable and safe for long-term storage. Note that they are BPA-free. (BPA or Bisphenol A is a plastic that may have negative health effects. Some jurisdictions have banned its use in baby bottles.) All parts of BeanSafe® canisters — whether in the stainless steel, ceramic or polypropylene version — are dishwasher-safe. BeanSafe® will also protect teas, spices, herbs, potpourri and other aromatics and foodstuffs. The BeanSafe® Pressure Release Valve uses a combination of a silicone membrane and a perfectly round glass ball, which together permit CO2 to be released when the pressure inside the container (from CO2 emitted by the coffee) reaches a sufficient level. At the same time, the one-way valve does not permit air and gases from outside to enter the container. Unlike some other valves, the BeanSafe® Pressure Release Valve never requires cleaning, maintenance or replacement. Keep in mind, though, that we, like virtually all coffee lovers, encourage you to grind your beans just before brewing the beverage.

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