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Cappojim's Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate, 15 oz.

Cappojim's Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate, 15 oz.
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This coffee is from Camiseta Estate in the Boquete region of Panama. Boquete is located in the lush mountain highlands of Panama, along the Caldera river (aptly named "Caldera", a type of volcano, and runs through Boquete and Volcan Baru National Park). Boquete itself sits at about 1200 meters, and the soft slopes of Baru Volcano (not to mention nutrient rich soil) provide prime coffee growing conditions. Camiseta is one of a group of estates owned and operated by a single family in the region. The altitudes range from a low of 1300 to right around 2000 meters above sea level. 80% of the trees planted are older Typica varieties.

The dry fragrance is laced with a scent of hazelnut candy, and a clean, light-brown sugar smell. It's slightly perfumed, in an herbal tea sort of way, and adding hot water brings up a praline/toffee-nut smell, buttery and sweet. The cup is fairly analogous to the aromatics, and when hot, shows flavors of caramel syrup and butter pecan. This forthright sweetness builds in the cooing cup, and is well in-balance with tartaric to malic acidity. The sweetness that is developed right around City+ is rock solid, reverberating long into the aftertaste. A balanced Panamanian coffee, and one that fits the bill of the "every day" drinking variety.

Cupping credit: Tom Owen. Processing: Wet; Varietal: Typica; Appearance: 16-18 screen. (15 oz. bag)

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